Home CITY UPDATES Locals protest by rafting on pothole-riddled Bengaluru road!

Locals protest by rafting on pothole-riddled Bengaluru road!

Locals protest by rafting on pothole-riddled Bengaluru road!

Anjanapura main road, linking Narayan Nagar to Gottigere, has not been tarred for over a decade

Local association says several pleas to Bengaluru South MLA M Krishnappa have fallen on deaf ears


To make the powers-that-be wake up to their plight, the residents of Anjanapura, nearly 50 km from Bengaluru’s Majestic area, resorted to a unique protest on Saturday – they rafted on the pothole-riddled Anjanapura main road! The crucial link road has not been tarred for nearly 12 years.

The residents allege that their local representative, MLA from Bengaluru South M Krishnappa, has not attended to the development of the stretch despite several representations from the locals.

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Fatal accidents waiting to happen

“The road is in a terrible state, with huge craters. A fatal accident can happen as motorists may not be able to see a water-filled crater,” said one protestor. “Besides, it is difficult for ambulances to access the stretch. We are protesting for immediate repairs to the road,” said another protestor.

‘Changemakers of Kanakapura Road Association’ (CMKRA) has initiated a petition to get the road repaired on a priority basis.

The Anjanapura double road is situated in Doddakallasandra, and connects Kanakapura Road with Bannerghatta Road, and Narayan Nagar to Gottigere.

Realty boom in area

The 6.8-km stretch from Narayan Nagar to Gottigere is in a pathetic condition. With metro connectivity coming into the picture, real estate near Kanakapura Road, Bannerghatta Road and the surrounding area is in high demand. The area has witnessed construction of large residential complexes and malls in the last few years, and the road has become crucial for connectivity.

Apart from the decade-long neglect of the road, agencies like BBMP, BMRCL and BWSSB have made matters worse by digging the stretch in the last few years. Let alone vehicles, even pedestrians find it risky to negotiate the huge craters and trenches on the road. The public are particularly inconvenienced during emergencies as taxis, autos and even ambulances refuse to enter the road.

Empty promises

Since the last four years, several representations have been made to local MLA M Krishnappa, the BDA chairman and the local BDA officers by various local associations, all in vain. Each time an empty promise is made that the work will start in another couple of weeks and that a large amount has been allocated for the repairs, but nothing comes of it, the CMKRA claimed.


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