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Is BBMP a law into itself?

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Ignores ordinance of state government to collect Rs 200 from people not covering face

Continues collecting its own Rs 1,000 penalty


Is Bengaluru City’s municipal corporation a law into itself?That would seem so, going by its open disregard for the state government ordinance of Sunday. The ordinance  put a cap of Rs 200 on the fine to be collected from individuals for not covering their faces in a public space.

Despite being in receipt of the ordinance, and duty-bound to comply with it, BBMP brazenly continued with its own penalty amount of Rs 1,000. As per data released by its PRO, the civic agency has collected Rs 89,455 from 202 ‘violators’ so far.

WhatsApp message shared by BBMP’s PRO

Reacting strongly to the arbitrary action of BBMP, a legal expert said, “Is there no value for the ordinance issued by the state government, which has directed BBMP to collect a Rs 200 penal amount from violators for not covering their face? The ordinance was issued on Sunday afternoon and it is utter negligence from the BBMP in implementing the government’s order.”

“This is disrespecting the state government’s order and delaying its implementation with immediate affect. Already, citizens are facing a huge financial crisis and penalizing them in disregard of the  government’s order is against the law. What action will the government initiate against BBMP?” the expert added.

He said, “It was shocking to see the disrespect from BBMP towards its own state government. Not abiding by the orders issued by the government and continuing  to collect it’s own excessive  penal amount has raised questions about the integrity of the civic agency.”

On Monday, BBMP marshals continued penalizing common citizens not wearing masks, with BBMP’s East zone — where mostly VIP movement is seen — recording the highest number of 55 violators from whom the agency has collected Rs 21,305.
(See details in table below)


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