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I know nothing about drugs in Sandalwood: Sudeep



Even as the Sandalwood-drug mafia link hogs media attention, actor Kiccha Sudeep has said he “knows nothing” on the issue.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, he said there was no ‘significance’ in his visiting the Siddaganga mutt along with director Indrajit Lankesh, whose ‘drug revelations’ have shaken the industry.

“I had told Indrajit four months ago about wanting to visit the mutt along with him,” he said.

“It is wrong to talk about something I don’t know. Apart from shooting and home, I don’t go anywhere else. It would be wrong to cast aspersions on the whole cinema industry for one issue…I don’t know about drugs in the film industry,” Sudeep said.

Speaking on the occasion, Lankesh said, “This was a religious and spiritual visit on the occasion of his birthday. My friend Sudeep’s birthday spent at Siddaganga mutt is a joy for me and our friends.”


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