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Govt releases list of 14,910 quarantinees in Bengaluru



Not leaving anything to chance, the Karnataka government has put the list of those in home quarantine in Bengaluru in the public domain. The list contains a whopping 14,910 foreign returnees.

thebengalurulive has access to the list and individual can download it from https://karunadu.karnataka.gov.in/hfw/kannada/Pages/distwise-home-quarantive.aspx 


The list of all persons in Home Quarantine of 14 days can be found in above link.

People can access the above data and find who in their apartment or neighborhood is in Home Quarantine.

Also, people are in home quarantine have been stamped with date mentioning the end of Home Quarantine.

“Neighbours and Apartment owners association are requested to help us in enforcing them stay at HOME. They stay at Home and We will be away from Covid 19. In case you see any person who is HQ- ed and walking in public places , please call 100 or 104 or 080- 46848600 /66692000,” said Health and Family Welfare Departments commissioner Pankaj Pandey.

Find the attachment 


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