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Govt clarifies: Body produces Covid-19 ‘antidote’ 45 days after first dose of vaccine

Representatioanl Image of Chamarajanagara district incharge minister S Suresh Kumar inaugurating Covid-19 testing Laboratory.

Health Commissioner Pandey responds to TheBengaluruLive story on docs testing positive post vaccination


The Karnataka government has clarified that it needs around 45 days after being vaccinated against Covid-19 for the human body to develop antibodies to fight the virus.

In a bid to allay public apprehensions, the state health department has said that those who are infected with the Covid-19 virus should not be scared by the possibility of getting infected despite being vaccinated.

Speaking to TheBengaluruLive, Health and Family Welfare Commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pandey said the human body needs to complete 45 days after the first vaccine dose for the virus-fighting antibodies to develop.

Antibodies ‘take time’

As he put it, “There are two doses. The second dose is given after 28 days of the first dose. And the antibodies (antidote) against the virus will be active only after 14-15 days of the second dose; in simple words, after 45 days the antidote will be active in the human body.”

Pandey was responding to Thebengalurulive story, ‘Govt in a funk after 5 docs test Covid-positive post vaccination’ (https://thebengalurulive.com/govt-in-a-funk-after-5-docs-test-covid-positive-post-vaccination/), published on January 30.

He said those who are infected with Covid-19 after getting the first dose of vaccination should not be worried as the antidote will take time to get activated in the body only after the second dose.

Earlier in the day, Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar too in a tweet had said that there are chances of people getting infected despite vaccination, as the entire dosage cycle needs to be completed.

Minister’s assurance

He tweeted, “The second dose should be received 28 days after the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, (and immunity builds) 14-15 days after the second dose; i.e., approximately 45 days after the first dose. In the meantime, a person who is vaccinated may become infected if he comes in contact with the virus.”

In another tweet, he maintained, “Both Covishield and Covaxin vaccines are completely safe and can be taken by the public without any hesitation. Again I appeal (to people) not to heed any false rumours about the corona vaccine.”


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