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Former PM lends ‘weight’ to anti-Hindi ‘imposition’ sentiments


Deve Gowda takes RS oath in Kannada


Indirectly indicating his opposition to the perceived ‘imposition’ of Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states, former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda took the oath of office ‘in the name of God’ in Kannada while being sworn in as member of the Rajya Sabha on Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday, Mandya MP and actress Sumalatha Ambareesh had spoken in the Lok Sabha against the ‘imposition’ of Hindi.

The ‘imposition of Hindi’ issue has generated much heat in the social media. Ahead of ‘Hindi Diwas’ on September 14, pro-Kannada activists, actors and public representatives had taken to Twitter to voice their opposition to ‘imposition’ of Hindi by the Central government.

The Congress and the JDS too have opposed the ‘imposition’ of Hindi. MPs Prajwal Revanna and DK Suresh have spoken on the issue in the Lok Sabha.


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