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Doreswamy is ‘just’ 90 years old, not 110!


Activist alleges 2 property transactions within a year show a difference of 14 years in Doreswamy’s age


After BJP leader Basanagowda Patil Yatnal’s controversial comment about HS Doreswamy being a ‘fake freedom-fighter’, another allegation doing the rounds is that he is actually 90 years old and not 110.

Activist and Jayaprakash Narayan Vichara Vedike president BM Shivakumar has alleged that Doreswamy is not as old as he is made out to be.

Shivakumar claims that on the basis of a site purchased by Doresswamy in Balaji Housing Society, the sale deed (VNG(U)-KNGB/1939/2003/04) executed on 30-09-2003 shows Doreswamy’s age as 73. Going by that, his current age would be 90 years and at the time of Independence he would have been 17 years old.

Speaking to thebengalurulive, Shivakumar said that no one had covered this when he approached media houses 10 years back. “When I protested about his immorality 10 years ago, no media coverage was given because everyone wanted me to ignore it as he was an elderly person,” he said.

Shivakumar said, “In 2004, Doreswamy made a gift deed of the same site in the name of his grand-daughter Namitha Rani. In the deed document, his age was reflected as 87 years.”

He wondered how there could be a difference of 14 years in a person’s age, that too within just a year. He also alleged that Doreswamy had bought the site at a subsidised rate of Rs 2.28 lakh, and it was sold by his grand-daughter for Rs 36 lakh. In this document, he was the consulting witness for the site.

Shivakumar added, “Site No 193 in the Balaji Housing Society was bought by him and he was 68 years old. First, he got registered a lease cum sale agreement in 1998. In 2003, he purchased it via an absolute sale deed for just Rs. 2.28 lakh, and got registered a sale deed in 2004 by giving 73 years as his age in the documents by signing his initials.”

Shivakumar said his intention was to “let the world know the difference between Veer Savarkar and fake freedom-fighter Doreswamy. Let the world know the real face of Doreswamy. I am ready to give the documents to anyone who has patriotism and loves the country.”

Listen to the video link in which senior litterateur Babu Krishnamurthy challenges another claim by Doreswamy that Nathuram Godse had attended an RSS camp… (The video was first aired in ‘Samvada’ on March 6, 2020).



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