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CT Ravi awaiting ‘third umpire’ verdict!

Learn Kannada with CT Ravi!
Tourism, Kannada and Culture Minister C T Ravi

In 2 Covid tests, Minister has tested both positive and negative


The fourth state legislator and first state minister to be tested for Covid-19, CT Ravi is in a quandary. The Tourism and Kannada & Culture Minister has been tested twice and the results have come both positive and negative. Now, the Minister is awaiting the outcome of a third test.

Using a cricket analogy, Ravi tweeted on Sunday: “In two tests within a week, the results have come positive and negative. I did the third test today. Waiting for the third umpire’s result.”

He added: “I have completed this morning Surya Namaskar, half-hour chakrasana, nadisuddhi kriya and pranayama. After an hour of different yoga practice, I practised Shavasana for 10 minutes. I didn’t see any difference so far.”

Meanwhile, he continues to be in home quarantine.


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