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‘Chiru’ Sarja did not respond to repeated CPR: Hospital



Condolences have poured in from Sandalwood and other quarters over the untimely death of actor Chiranjeevi Sarja at the young age of 39.

The actor suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday night and was admitted to a private hospital, Sagar Apollo, in Jayanagar.

A statement released by the hospital said: “Around 2.20 pm, Chiranjeevi was admitted in a semi-conscious state. Immediately he was shifted to the emergency ward. His body temperature, pulse and eye check were not responding.

“Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation treatment was initiated using the latest technology. This process lasted until 3.48 pm. Three times CPR treatment was conducted but he didn’t respond. At 3.48 pm, he was declared dead.”

Even at his young age, ‘Chiru’ had already appeared in 22 films. His sudden death has left the entire film industry in shock. Senior and junior members of the film fraternity visited the hospital, at his residence in Basavangudi to pay their respects.


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