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Centre wants WFH for IT staff till July 31


Union IT minister praises Karnataka’s online healthcare system


The Central government expects IT professionals to work from home till July 31, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.


This was announced by Union IT and Telecommunications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad during a video conference with Information Technology ministers of all the states on lockdown-related IT issues.

Deputy Minister of State for IT-BT Dr Krishnaswamy briefed the Union cabinet on the challenges, solutions and steps taken by Karnataka’s IT sector after the lockdown. Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwath Narayan requested the state’s IT professionals to work from home until March next year. In response, the Union Minister said the work-from-home guideline would  be extended till July 31. He said a revised decision would be taken after taking care of the Covid-19 situation.

The Dy CM said Karnataka’s IT sector is  facing a lot of difficulties and the Centre should have a separate video conference with IT professionals in the state. Ravi Shankar Prasad responded positively to Ashwath Narayana’s request and promised to hold a video conference soon.

Strategic Committee 
“When a situation like Covid happens,  IT and related sectors should act. A nationwide strategic committee will be formed to outline guidelines and remedial measures to be adopted in the event of a disaster,” the minister said.

“Not only the IT sector, but all states must give priority to the development of new firms and start-ups. E-governance and effective implementation of e-passes will be focused on. Almost 80 per cent of  IT work is done from home and online. As most of the work is done online,  it will be beneficial as the Internet network will be strengthened in every corner of the country through the Bharat NET project,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Make in India  “It is time for the implementation of the ‘Make in India’ project. After the Covid-19 recedes, we should focus more on the ‘Make in India’ project. Before the Modi government came,  mobile manufacturing companies were  2 in India, and are now 268. This is the best example for the success of a project,” he said.

Online Health Service 
“After Covid, there has been an increase in the use of technology in healthcare. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu have a good online healthcare system, which has to be adopted by other states too,” the Union minister said.

Aptha Mithra Helpline 
The state government has been successful in providing technology- efficient solutions in many areas such as education and supply of essential materials, DyCM Ashwath Narayan noted.

More than 500 professionals are working day and night at the call centre of the ‘Aptha Mithra’ helpline. Everyday, around 50,000 calls are handled at the call centre to resolve public needs. As an alternative to e-commerce, we have been supplying all essentials to the people in red zones so that they don’t step out to get their basic essentials.  Groceries, milk, medicine are delivered by charging Rs 10 only. The same type of service and technology can be  used by different departments,” the Deputy Chief Minister said. 


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