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Bed-for-bucks scam: Covid beds blocked and booked in 25 seconds in Bengaluru!


BJP leader Tejasvi Surya alleges 4,065 such cases unearthed across state capital

Nexus of BBMP officials, Arogya Mitra staff and touts blocks beds in asymptomatic names and then reallots the beds for money, alleges Surya

BJP MLAs allege their calls to BBMP are not picked up while touts have a field day hawking Covid beds

DCP (South) says 2 arrested touts have confessed to selling beds via BBMP’s South zone war room


Is there a ‘Bribe for Bed’ scam going on in Bengaluru under the very nose of the authorities, at a time when Covid-19 cases are skyrocketing in the city and getting a hospital bed through the BBMP portal is nearly ‘Mission Impossible’? Bengaluru South MP and BJP’s Youth Morcha’s National President Tejasvi Surya has made the explosive allegation that beds are blocked and booked within 30 seconds, even as patients are dying by the dozen in Bengaluru for unavailability of hospital beds.

Surya’s team has unearthed more than 4,065 such cases where beds are booked through the auto block system. “We have conducted a survey and a thorough investigation. In the last 7-8 days, we have found more than 4,065 cases where beds are booked through the auto block system,” he alleged.

BBMP south zonal war room

‘Bad name to govt’

The BJP leader said, “Despite being from the ruling party, we are trying to bring out the facts to show the lapses as this system is bringing a bad name to our government. Even Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has assured action against the culprits.”

An example: One person was allotted a bed in three big hospitals simultaneously even as others were not getting beds.

Nocturnal scam: Beds are available only during the night and they are booked within 25 seconds. The beds are booked between 1.30 am and 3.30 am. A patient is (shown as) discharged at 2.30 am and another gets ‘admitted’ 30 seconds later at 2.31 am!

MLAs helpless!

Surya on Tuesday met South Zonal Commissioner Thulasi Maddineni and submitted documentary evidence about beds being blocked, booked and allotted within 25 seconds. He was accompanied by Bommanahalli MLA Satish Reddy, Basavanagudi MLA Ravi Subramanya and Chickpet MLA Uday Garudhachar, all of whom alleged that despite being MLAs, their calls were not being picked up by the officials concerned.

The BJP MLAs made allegations against one Dr Rehan, who is looking after bed management in Bengaluru South. The MLAs alleged that beds in the South zone are booked only after collecting money. “Beds are not getting booked if an MP or MLAs call the control room, but beds are (otherwise) booked within 25 seconds,” Surya alleged.

Dr Rehan who is hired on outsource to look after bed allotment in Bengaluru South zone was questioned by Tejasvi Surya and other BJP MLAs.

Vacant, but blocked!

“Everyday, many patients are discharged and several are dying. Hence, beds in hospitals are getting vacant, which means beds should be easily available. But BBMP’s bed management system always displays beds as filled and blocked,” Surya alleged.

As per the MP, the scam is because of a nexus between some BBMP officials, Arogya Mitra staff and private agents who are booking beds for money in the names of asymptomatic patients. He alleged that beds are being booked in asymptomatic patients’ names in a number of hospitals. “I don’t understand why beds are kept booked for 12 hours and as soon as the time lapses, the bed is reallotted and booked in somebody else’s name,” Surya added.

Duo arrested

Meanwhile, speaking to TheBengaluruLive, DCP (South) Harish Pandey said they had arrested two persons, Netra and his nephew Rohit, both residents of Begur Road. “Both have admitted that they collected Rs 25,000 and Rs 40,000 from two patients for booking beds through BBMP’s South zone war room. Further investigations are on,” DCP Pandey said.

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