Home HEALTH BBMP chief launches sero survey

BBMP chief launches sero survey

BBMP chief launches sero survey

Blood serum, throat swabs of 2,000 Bengalureans will be collected

Results of sero survey will help with Covid-prevention measures in Bengaluru


BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta launched a sero survey, to be conducted in the BBMP limits in the city, at the Ulsoor Referral Hospital on Wednesday.

Of the 2,000 people to be surveyed, 30% will be under 18 years of age, 50% will above 18, and 20% above 45. Blood samples of 1,000 vaccinated individuals and 1,000 non-vaccinated individuals will be collected to determine the amount of antibodies present.

Blood serum samples and throat swabs will be collected from individuals identified through a door-to-door survey conducted by BBMP’s ANM, ASHA workers and laboratory technicians. The serum samples will be tested at a laboratory while the swabs will undergo RT-PCR tests. The survey will be carried out by primary health center teams in coordination with infectious diseases experts and zonal health officers.

BBMP chief launches sero survey

List of ‘surveyees’ ready

A list of people to be surveyed under every zone in BBMP has been prepared and the survey will be completed within a week. The serosurvey is being conducted to get an understanding of infection resistance and severity. The survey will show how many people have been infected, how many have not been infected, and how many have antibodies produced in the body. Based on the survey, guidelines to prevent the spread of the Covid virus will be formulated.

Special Commissioner (Health) Randeep, Chief Health Officer Dr Vijendra, Chief Health Officer (Clinical) Dr Nirmala Buggi and other officials were present at the launch of the sero survey.


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