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2013 ATM attacker gets 12 years in prison


Reddy’s victim Jyothi Uday was traumatised for years


Seven years after a brutal attack on a lady bank employee in an unguarded bank kiosk had gone viral in the media and revulsed many Bengalureans, the perpetrator has finally been brought to justice. On Tuesday, the 65th city civil and sessions court pronounced Madhukar Reddy (36) guilty of attacking bank staffer Jyothi Uday with a lethal weapon inside an ATM kiosk of Corporation Bank. Reddy was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Crime shook city

On November 19, 2013, Reddy had attacked Jyothi Uday while she was withdrawing cash inside the ATM at Corporation Circle. The shocking incident was captured on the kiosk’s CCTV camera and its graphic depiction in the media had infuriated many Bengalureans. The victim herself took years to recover from the physical and mental trauma of the assault.

Following years of investigation, the police were successful in tracing and nabbing Reddy, who reportedly hailed from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.


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