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Super-spreader city apartment’s Covid-positive cases climb to 103


Nearly 10% of 1,053 residents tested in SNN Raj Lake View are infected

More worryingly, 96 of the 103 infected cases are vulnerable senior citizens

BBMP chief Manjunatha Prasad says “it’s a matter of alarm for us and a wake-up call for everyone”


Late on Monday night, the ‘super-spreader’ SNN Raj Lake View apartment in Bilekahalli on Bannerghatta Road – which had made news earlier in the day for all the wrong reasons – saw the number of Covid-infected residents climb to 103, from the previous count of 90 and the initial count of 56. More worryingly, of the 103, around 96 are seniors in the more vulnerable age group of 60 and above.

These grim figures were shared by BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad on Tuesday morning during a virtual meeting with members of the Bangalore Apartments’ Federation.

Prasad has appealed to the city’s senior citizens above the age of 60 and children below the age of 10 to not attend any kind of social gathering. The BBMP chief referred to the Manjushree Nursing College in RT Nagar and SNN Raj Lake View apartment as ‘super- spreaders’ as they had failed to follow the norms and guidelines framed by the government.

BBMP Bommanahalli zone joint commissioner and other officials holding meeting with residents of SNN Lake View Apartment.

The Commissioner said, “BBMP tested 1,053 residents of SNN Raj Lake View apartment and around 103 people have been found infected, which is 10% of the total number tested. It is alarming for us and a wake-up call for everyone.”

He noted that a social gathering was organised at SNN Raj Lake View apartment which became the starting point of the Covid-19 spread. “I have been appealing to everyone to not gather socially, and if at all it is necessary to gather (socially) they need to maintain social distancing along with compulsorily wearing a mask,” he added.

‘But no sealing’

The Commissioner made it clear that BBMP won’t resort to any sealing of any specific area. “No seal-down will be done. But there will be restrictions in people’s movement in that specific area. As per the procedure, the primary and secondary contacts of the infected person will be tested by BBMP, free of cost, and they will be retested on the seventh day. If they are found negative in the second report, they will be allowed to move out but till then the primary and secondary contacts needs to self-isolate.”

Call for ‘self-policing’

Vikram Rai, representing the Bangalore Apartments’ Federation, urged that the precautionary guidelines be shared again with apartment residents.

Priya Chetty Rajagopal called for ‘self-policing’ by residents, including compulsory wearing of masks. This would help BBMP and other agencies in their monitoring tasks.

Srinivas Yelandur suggested that traffic wardens could be used for strict monitoring of the mask rule in public places. Vincent Pinto said he and his group were ready to help with implementation of the rules.

‘Statistical silver lining’

Responding to the suggestions, the BBMP Commissioner said the civic agency would rope in volunteers for monitoring implementation of the precautionary measures. On the flip side, Prasad noted that Bengaluru had a positivity rate of 24.1 % in July 2020, “while today we are getting around 100-200 positive cases. Sometime even less than 100 cases are reported.” The Commissioner shared a list of precautions with participants at the virtual meeting.

Do’s and Don’ts

1) Avoid close gatherings in apartment complexes, party halls, etc. Even in such cases, do not use air-conditioners since even a single infected person can become a super-spreader.

2) If at all functions have to take place, they should be organized in an open area.

3) Social distance and wearing masks are still mandatory.

4) Common areas should be sanitised regularly.

5) Gyms in apartments should have specific timings for individual members and gym equipment should be sanitised regularly.

6) Regarding swimming pools in apartments, a mask is not required while swimming but is required when out of the water.

7) Delivery boys should be stopped at the gates of apartments.

‘Don’t wait, self-isolate’

Furthermore, the BBMP Commissioner requested people with Covid-19 symptoms like fever and headache to isolate themselves, and BBMP would arrange for tests to be done free of cost.

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