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Siddaramaiah demands nationwide ban on cow slaughter, import and export of cattle products



Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Sunday demanded a blanket ban on cow slaughter across India and prohibition of import and export of beef.

In a veiled attack on the BJP government in Karnataka, which recently promulgated an ordinance banning cow slaughter in the state, Siddaramaiah said it was raising emotional issues without considering the impact of such laws on the state economy.

“I demand a total ban on the slaughter of cattle across India. Why have Kerala, Goa and North East been exempted?” the Congress stalwart asked during an interaction with reporters here.

He also demanded that import and export of beef be banned. “Ban beef import too. They say that beef coming from foreign countries can be eaten. Isn’t the cow in foreign land Go Mata? Beef coming from Australia, New Zealand is not your Go Mata?” Siddaramaiah questioned.

His third demand was to prohibit leather export. “Ban leather export. Ban export and import related to animal products. Make it a national policy,” the former chief minister said and alleged that most of the leather exporters were from the BJP, who are now trying to hoodwink people. He expressed concern over the impact of such bans on the leather industry.

Describing the BJP as ”fascist”, Siddaramaiah said the ruling party raised emotional issues without explaining the impact of such policies on the economy. “They (BJP leaders) simply talk of worshipping Go Mata (Mother Cow). How many times do they worship Go Mata at home?” he asked.

According to Siddaramaiah, the cattle becomes a financial burden on the cowherds after 10 years when they grow old and become non-productive. On the Centre’s new farm laws, he said the party would take the fight to the streets and also carry out a ”Jail Bharo” movement.

On the occasion, he also released a booklet titled ”Aidu Qaede, Asankhyat Sullugalu” (Five Laws, Myriad Lies) explaining the drawbacks of the farm laws introduced by the Union government. PTI


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