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‘Robert’ resisted Covid testing, paid for it with his life

IAS Munish Moudgil at rapid testing center

Real life case is a wake-up call in preventive measures for everyone


Robert (name changed), a 58-year-old male and a diabetic since the last 10 years, had a cough and a slight fever for about a week. Despite the danger signs, he didn’t get tested even though a testing camp was organised near his house.

In a couple of days, Robert developed breathlessness and at this point was rushed to a hospital at 11 in the night. Upon arrival, he was tested and found Covid-positive.

IAS Munish Moudgil at rapid testing center
Representational Image of IAS officer Munish Moudgil at one of the Rapid Antigen Test Center

He was given the best medical care possible at that stage of the disease. But unfortunately he did not respond to the treatment and died within 24 hours of admission.

Only later did his son and daughter tell officials that Robert had resisted getting tested even when they tried taking him to the testing centre.

Lessons for all

  • If you have symptoms, please do not delay getting testing for Covid.
  • If Covid is detected early, it is easy to control and manage. But with a delay, it can become complicated and even fatal, especially in persons above 50 years.
  • Please do not delay testing, especially if you have symptoms and are above 50 years, or have diabetes, hypertension, kidney/liver/heart disease, etc.
  • Please be safe and take all preventive actions, including testing, masking and social distancing.
IAS Munish Moudgil
IAS Munish Moudgil

(Munish Moudgil is an IAS officer and Covid Zonal Coordinator for Bengaluru South)


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