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Overburdened Summanahalli crematorium shuts for a week


One furnace of crematorium has stopped working, the other could pack up anytime


Bengaluru’s overburdened electric crematorium situated at Summanahalli off Magadi Road is now shut for one week, with effect from May 4.

Reason: One furnace of the crematorium has stopped working since the last two days, and the other furnace badly needs to be stopped, or else the entire set-up will collapse.

As per sources, the Summanahalli crematorium has two furnaces and one furnace stopped working since Saturday evening. “Not a single Covid-19 body was cremated on Sunday as one furnace had stopped working. We fear that the remaining furnace will also stop as both furnaces were working non-stop ever since the second wave of Covid,” said a BBMP official attached to the crematorium.

“The coil which is burning non-stop has stopped and it needs to be replaced. Further, some bricks inside the furnaces need to be replaced immediately and the rolling door is also getting stuck. Urgent repairs are needed,” the officer added.

Meanwhile, BBMP issued a press release on Monday evening to announce shutting of the Summanahalli electric crematorium from Tuesday, May 4. The crematorium will be shut till May 10.


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