Home CITY UPDATES Karnataka Congress admits attack on its MLA’s house was preplanned

Karnataka Congress admits attack on its MLA’s house was preplanned


Ban SDPI if it’s guilty: Gundu Rao


For the first time since the riots on Tuesday in DG Halli and KJ Halli and the burning down of its own partyman’s  house, the state Congress has officially stated that the attack on Pulakeshinagar Nagar MLA’s house was a premeditated conspiracy.

Former KPCC president and Gandhinagar MLA Dinesh Gundu Rao admitted that the attack was pre-planned and a conspiracy against its party MLA.

Rao visited the riot-hit areas  and Murthy’s house in Kaval Byrasandra on Friday. Later, he tweeted demanding to know who the conspirators behind the attack on the MLA’s home were.

“I was informed by the police about the incident. I saw the house of Akhanda Srinivas Murthy which was destroyed.  I demand strict legal action against the perpetrators,” he said. 

“Our stand on the issue of banning the SDPI organization is clear. If the government is convinced that the SDPI is involved in the heinous act, and the government has the necessary concrete evidence, I certainly recommend to the Central government to prohibit it,” he said.

However, he said,  if hatred is spread on the basis of religion, it cannot be tolerated. “The police should find out the motive behind the post which ’caused’ the riot,” he said.


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