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Kalaburagi comes to terms with COVID-19 a year after first death in country



It’s been more than a fortnight since no COVID-19 related fatality has been reported in Kalaburagi in north Karnataka bordering with Maharashtra and Telangana, but a year ago this district headquarters town had hit the headlines with the first death due to the coronavirus.

A 76-year-old man became the first victim of coronavirus in India, which he had contracted in Saudi Arabia during his pilgrimage to Makkah, on this day last year.

The death due to the virus was confirmed two days later on March 12, creating shock and panic. The town was the first to adjust to the new normal in the face of COVID-19 outbreak and embrace measures such as hand hygiene, physical distancing, hand sanitisers, facemasks, and containment zones.

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As on Tuesday, the district has witnessed a total of 22,208 cases, 21,665 discharges, 213 active cases and 330 deaths. “We can say coronavirus in Kalaburagi is under control though there is some rise in cases. A fortnight ago one death had taken place where an old man had died but since then there is no COVID-related fatality here,” District Health Officer Dr Rajashekhar Mali told PTI.

The DHO said this increase could be linked to Maharashtra where the COVID-19 cases are on rise. “However, we don’t have any containment zones because the situation is well under control,” Dr Mali added.

According to him, people don’t take COVID-19 as a stigma anymore as the deaths are almost nil barring the one a fortnight ago and infected people are recovering fast.

“Our recovery rate is also very good and the number of active cases are quite less,” the DHO added. He added that there was a good response to the vaccination drive though there was a need to spread more awareness and encourage elderly people to come forward to receive the shot.

Meanwhile, the 76-year-old man’s son reportedly claimed that his family has not yet received his father’s COVID-19 positive report despite running from pillar to post in the last one year.

A year after the first death, the coronavirus is well under check all over Karnataka with many districts reporting zero fatality for the past several weeks. However, Bengaluru Urban district has hardly witnessed zero deaths or infections below hundred on a daily basis since the time the infections touched the peak.


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