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‘Ink attack’ on writer KS Bhagavan in court premises


Woman lawyer smears ink on his face for ‘insulting Hindu gods’


Renowned Kannada writer and rationalist KS Bhagawan on Thursday faced an ‘ink attack’ by an angry woman lawyer at the city civil court complex in Bengaluru. The lawyer, Meera Raghavendra, shouted that Bhagwan was “insulting Hindu gods” and smeared his face with black ink.

A video of the incident uploaded by Ms Raghavendra on her social media account, with the caption ‘Jai Sri Ram’, has gone viral.

FIR against ‘attacker’

Following Bhagawan’s complaint with the Halasurugate police, an FIR has been filed against the woman advocate. The writer’s advocate Surya Mukundraj said, “Her actions are highly condemnable. One should not have done this in the court premises. Professor Bhagawan respects the law and has come to Bengaluru all the way from Mysuru. If she wanted to protest, she could have done so outside the court premises.” He added that a complaint would also be filed with the Advocates’ Association.

In response, Ms Raghavendra said she was ready to face any consequence for her action. “He has been insulting Hindu gods. I am happy with what I have done. I am a lawyer and I am fully aware of the law,” she said.

Bhagawan had appeared before the second Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate for a hearing in a case in which he was granted bail.


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