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Health dept slashes ‘unhealthy’ Covid-related fines

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‘Errant’ star hotels will now have to cough up Rs 10,000, not an exorbitant Rs 1 lakh

Govt backtracks after trade and public backlash


As with several other Covid-related ‘firmans’ issued by the state government, the Health Department has had to do a climb-down on its own recent notice that imposed steep fines on commercial establishments if they fail to implement social distancing and mask wearing on their premises. The steepest fine of the lot, on starred hotels, has been brought down drastically from Rs 100,000 to Rs 10,000.

The earlier order of the Health Department was issued by Additional Chief Secretary Jawaid Akhtar on October 7. Later, on December 5, BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad decided to implement the order in the BBMP limits.


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After facing flak from commercial establishments as well as the ‘aam aadmi’, the Health Department has issued a fresh order revising the ‘penalty structure’.

‘Penalty kick’

The new order issued on Wednesday by Jawaid Akhtar lists the following penalties:

• Non-AC restaurants, party halls, stores, department stores— Rs 5,000 (earlier Rs 25,000)

• AC restaurants, party halls, stores/department stores, branded shops, shopping malls — Rs 10,000 (earlier Rs 50,000)

• Starred hotels of 3 stars and above, marriage or convention halls with a minimum capacity of 500 persons, or any other similar public places – Rs 10,000 (earlier Rs 100,000)

• Organisers of public functions or rallies or gatherings or celebrations — Rs 10,000 (earlier Rs 50,000)


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