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Floods damage is Rs 2,030 crore: DCM



Floods damage of Rs 2,03O crore has been caused to roads, bridges and buildings in the state, according to Deputy Chief Minister Govind M Karjol.


On Thursday, the DCM discussed relief measures with senior officials of the Department of Public Works.

Region-wise, the floods-related damage amounts to Rs 1,437 crore in the North, Rs 135 crore in the Centre, Rs 181 crore in the South, and Rs 71 crore in the Northeast. Damage of Rs 26 crore has been caused to roads on the National Highway.

At the meeting, Public Works Department Secretary Guruprasad elaborated on the damage caused by the floods and the reconstruction work being carried out. Additional Chief Secretary Rajneesh Goel, Chief Engineer Shivayogi Hiremath, Executive Engineer GP Kumar, Deputy Secretary Vijay Kumari and the  DCM’s advisor V Srinivasa were among those present.



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