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Don’t cane curfew breakers, Bengaluru top cop advises staff

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Action against curfew violators should be strictly as per law, says Bengaluru police commissioner Kamal Pant


Bengaluru city police commissioner Kamal Pant has instructed police personnel to take action against curfew violators as per the law and not to resort to caning them.

Pant tweeted: “Contrary to the videos doing the rounds on social media, @BlrCityPolice has been strictly advised to only take action strictly as per law, in case anybody violates lockdown guidelines. They have been advised not to use any kind of force in this regard.”

Contact for travel issue

In another tweet, the city police chief said: “In case of any issue regarding travel to the place of work or carrying out permitted activities during the lockdown, DCP Intelligence Shri Santhosh Babu, IPS, may be contacted on 080-22942354.”

‘Lathi-loving cops’

From Monday, Karnataka, including Bengaluru, began the second phase of the curfew which will be in force till May 24. Earlier in the day, even during the exempted time of 6 am to 10 am for citizens to obtain essentials, police statewide were reported to have used lathis on curfew violators. The high-handed police action was severely criticized, especially on social media.


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