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Covid lockdown could not dampen ‘Resilient Karnataka’


Releasing official video, Shettar says new industrial policy will attract more investments 


If one has to take the government’s word for it, Karnataka has done better than any other state in the country in keeping its economy running even as it was, and continues to be, buffeted by the Covid-19 storm. On Wednesday, Industries Minister Jagadish Shettar remotely launched ‘Resilient Karnataka’, a video documentary which, in the Minister’s words, showcases the  ‘resilience and efforts’ of the state government in ensuring that the wheels of industry kept moving during the nationwide lockdown.

Addressing a virtual meeting of senior officials, corporate honchos and industry representatives, Shettar pointed out that the whole world had been badly hit by the pandemic. “While we were fighting the pandemic, it was also crucial to keep the economic engine running, with a focus on the lives of our citizens, especially during the lockdown,” he said.

The video is a “testament to the Karnataka government’s will and proactive approach to  support private players and maintain a balance between the lives of people and the economy,” he said.

According to Shettar,  Karnataka is an attractive investment destination, has a $ 250 billion economy and leads the country in several sectors.


Noting that the lockdown had impacted all sections of society badly, Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, Department of Industries and Commerce, said the video showcases the strong measures taken by the government under a “strong political leadership” to ensure smooth functioning of industries as well as the supply chain.

Even during the initial days of the pandemic’s arrival in Karnataka, the government had ensured that operations of aerospace and defence establishments would not be hampered, Gupta added.

Tops in innovation 

The state’s pole position in the NITI Aayog 2019 Innovation Index was thanks to the availability of quality human resources, reputed higher educational institutions, and a significant thrust on R&D,  aided by a proactive administration and a conducive investment climate.

Continuing with its investor-friendly approach, the government has launched the New Industrial Policy 2020-2025, which incorporates industry-friendly reforms related to land and labour, Shettar said. 

The virtual meeting was attended by, among others, Gaurav Gupta, Gunjan Krishna, Commissioner for Industrial Development and Director of Industries and Commerce, Revanna Gowda, Managing Director, Karnataka Udyog Mitra,  Mahesh Kapri, Managing Director, GE-BEL, Kamal Bali, President and Managing Director, Volvo Group, Sudipto Gupta, Managing Director, Wistron, KASSIA President KB Arsappa and FKCCI President Perikal Sundar. 


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