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Commuting via cabs just got costlier


Starting fares are Rs 75 (non-AC) and Rs 100 (AC); waiting charges kick in after 5 minutes


Get ready for a bigger hole in your pocket as non-Ola, non-Uber cabs just got costlier starting Tuesday, February 2.

According to the new taxi tariffs announced by the state Transport Department, non-AC taxis will charge Rs 75 (earlier Rs 70) for the first 4 km and Rs 18 per km (earlier Rs 14.5) thereafter. AC taxis will charge Rs 100 (Rs 80) for the first 4 km and Rs 24 (Rs 19.5) per km thereafter.

All other rates up

Night-time charges will be 10 per cent higher from midnight to 6 am. There will be no waiting charges for the first 5 minutes, after which Re 1 will be charged per minute.

Passenger luggage up to 120 kg will not be charged, after which Rs 7 will be charged for every 20 kg.

Govt rationale

According to the government, the taxi fares have been hiked following an increase in the price of cars, fuel and maintenance. The last such revision was in 2013.


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