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CM’s veiled warning: No lockdown proposal from experts (as yet), but…


Stringent measures likely if people are not ‘Covid-wise’, hints Yediyurappa


Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Monday said the state government has not received any proposal from the Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 to impose a lockdown in Bengaluru or in the state.

Speaking to a local Kannada TV channel in Bidar, the CM said that “we had two rounds of meetings with the Technical Advisory Committee and they have opined that there is no need of a lockdown, but have advised us to give importance to the economy.” He added, “The committee has suggested that people should wear face masks compulsorily, use hand sanitisers and maintain social distancing. We hope people will follow (this) and I expect cooperation from every citizen. We will see how they behave and later the government will take a call on whether to impose a curfew or a lockdown, or to take any other strict measures to curb the spread of the virus.”

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‘Upto people’

Yediyurappa said, “People need to respond (properly) for their own good. If they don’t pay heed, we may have to take more stringent measures. If required. If the necessity arises, we will impose a lockdown (but) only after discussions.”

Yediyurappa further said that  Prime Minister Narendra Modi had spoken to him on Sunday  about the measures taken by the state government. “(I told him) we have imposed a night curfew in districts where coronavirus cases are rising.
The CM repeated his plea for Covid-appropriate behaviour, saying, “People need to respond (properly) for their own good. If they don’t cooperate, we will initiate stringent measures, which people should not give scope for. I want people to cooperate with us.”

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