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Bengaluru hotel offers ‘food aid’ to quarantined journalists


Manjunath Kanyadi of Malleswaram’s ‘Namma Kudla’ says journos need not even pay, but should arrange pick-up


Hotel ‘Namma Kudla’, situated in Malleswaram, has offered ‘food aid’ to journalists who are infected with Covid-19 and are under home quarantine.

The hotel management plans to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for infected journalists who cannot cook and are bachelors. The hotel will not ask for payment while taking an order, but the journalist has to get ‘Dunzo’ or some other delivery service to have the food delivered at his place.

“Journalists don’t have to pay immediately for the food they have ordered. Or they don’t have to pay at all. If at all they want to pay, they can do so once they recover from Covid,” said Manjunath Kanyadi, who owns the hotel.

How to book meal

In a message shared with his journalist friends, Kanyadi said, “Journalist friends need not worry if they are infected with Covid-19 and are in need of food. As part of my support to the journalist community, I am offering a service to those who cannot cook at home. Needy journalists have to follow a few steps to book food — if breakfast is required, they need to book it the previous night by 9 pm. For lunch, a booking needs to be done by 8 am and for dinner, a booking should be done before 3 pm. The journalist needs to arrange for delivery through Dunzo or any other way.”

Earlier gesture

This is not the first time Kanyadi has shown his yen for social service. During the first wave of the pandemic last year, he arranged for masks and sanitisers to be distributed among mediapersons. With the second wave proving even more dangerous, he hit upon the idea of providing nutritious meals to infected, home-quarantined journalists.

What’s on the menu
Morning — Cocoa Pudding, Chutney, Sambar, Upma, Rice Pudding, Pulau
Afternoon — Chappati, Palya, Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Payasaya
Dinner — Rice, Palyapulya, Pickle

Numbers to contact:
Prakash — +919901103243
Shivaram — +919845772754
Innovative — + 919901023639

Pick-up address:

‘Namma Kudla’, #97, Temple Road, Opp Kodial Cafe, Temple Road, Malleswaram 8th Cross, Bengaluru-3


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