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BBMP ‘revalues’ Covid docs at Rs 60,000 — but overlooks risk cover!


theBengalurulive had highlighted the fact that the earlier offer of Rs 45,000 saw only 2 MBBS doctors attend the first walk-in interview


Having got a slap on the face when only 2 allopathic doctors showed up at an interview for Covid-related posts, BBMP realised that its offer of Rs 45,000 was not attractive enough for MBBS professionals and has upped the monthly remuneration to Rs 60,000. However, the fact that the new recruits will face serious infection risks and, like regular medical staff, should get an insurance cover seems to have escaped the civic agency’s notice.

BBMP is scrambling to recruit medical staff who are ready and willing to take up risk-fraught work at the Covid Care Centres in the city, including the gargantuan, 10,100-bed set-up at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre on Tumkur Road.

The BBMP’s decision is a fall-out of a story by theBengalurulive which had highlighted the ‘peanuts’ being offered to prospective medical staff, with particular reference to MBBS graduates.

The first walk-in interview on July 10 saw only 2 MBBS doctors turn up, whereas dentists and Ayush doctors were hired in big numbers. To highlight the anomaly, theBengalurulive had published a story on July 11 under the title ‘Offer peanuts, get dentists and ayurvedic docs for Covid work!’ (Read:https://thebengalurulive.com/offer-peanuts-get-dentists-and-ayurvedic-docs-for-covid-work/) — ‘BBMP recruitment drive attracts only 2 MBBS doctors’.

The second batch of walk-in interviews will begin on Tuesday, ahead of which the civic agency has hiked the consolidated pay for MBBS applicants to Rs 60,000.

The BBMP Commissioner on Monday morning tweeted: “BBMP has revised the salary for MBBS doctors in its recruitment drive for temporary posts. Walk-in interviews on 13, 14 & 15 July 2020 at Town Hall. More details can be had from the accompanying advertisement.”

Walk-in during lockdown?!

Ironically, the BBMP Commissioner seems to have forgotten that Bengaluru Urban will be under a lockdown from Tuesday evening (July 14). “The walk-in interviews are being conducted for 3 days. Thursday will fall under the lockdown period and BBMP has not made clear how applicants will be able to attend interviews,” an applicant said.

Of the 180 applicants who were appointed on July 10, 75 were for Group D posts and the rest were BDS and AYUSH doctors.

As per the revised BBMP advertisement, the remunerations offered are Rs 60,000 for MBBS doctors, Rs 45,000 for BDS and Ayush doctors, Rs 20,000 for nurses, Rs 15,000 for supporting staff and Rs 12,000 for Group D staff.

The recruitment drive is conducted at the Sir Puttana Chetty Town Hall.


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