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Sonu Sood Foundation saves the day for 30 Bengaluru Covid patients


Post oxygen leak in Bengaluru hospital, Bollywood actor’s foundation facilitates quick refilling of hospital’s oxygen cylinder, while local authorities also chip in


A swift response from Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s Foundation and city police saved the day for nearly 30 Covid-19 patients in the city’s Shreyas Hospital after an oxygen leak was detected. The incident took place on May 12.

Shreyas Hospital, situated in Mahalaxmi Layout near Swami Ayyappa Temple, had sent out an SOS after the oxygen leak was noticed.

City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant appreciated the efforts of the Sonu Sood Foundation and local police, tweeting: “Swift response and timely action by PI Mr. Kantharaju of @mhlayoutps, @acpjcnagar, Sonu Sood Foundation and officials of other departments saved the lives of nearly 30 COVID patients at Shreyas Hospital…They rushed to the hospital when an O2 leak was detected on the night of May 12 and arranged emergency cylinders in the nick of time. Kudos to our #COVIDHeroes. Greatly appreciate!”

Late-night crisis

Dr Samit Havinal of Shreyas Hospital, recounting the nightmare in a letter appreciating the response of the Sonu Sood Foundation and the local cops, said, “I hereby want to share about the incident on 12th May at 11 pm. It was an oxygen disaster about to happen. At 11 pm we received a call from the hospital that liquid oxygen from a dura cylinder was leaking and oxygen was not flowing with pressure. (Basically we have 2 dura cylinders and one was connected to the manifold and was supplying to hospital, while the other was in transit and waiting for refilling at Bhuruka Gases, Whitefield. and there was a huge queue).”

He continued, “My jumbo cylinder back-up was about to get over in one hour and it was a matter of 30 patients’ lives…

Prompt responses

“I called Miss Megha Chowdhary (Sonu Sood Foundation) and requested 5-6 cylinders for the emergency. She immediately sent Arun Kumar of the Sonu Sood Foundation. She forwarded the message to the concerned people and I got a call from Mr Sumukh…He immediately called Bhuruka Gases, bypassed the queue and had our dura cylinder filled. Still, it was 60 minutes away…

“Meanwhile, Mahalaxmi Layout Inspector Kantharaju and team, district fire officer Jagadeesh with their fire ambulance, and ACP Reena Suvarna were here to help us out.

“Harish and Suresh from the Drug Controller’s office called and understood the severity of the problem, and arranged a few cylinders from a nearby hospital, and also a technician to help us.

“Finally, the dura cylinder from Bhuruka Gases came and before that the emergency cylinders had come, and this saved my patients.”

Dr Havinal concluded by thanking everyone who helped, especially the Sonu Sood Foundation, as well as the police, fire and drug controller departments.


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