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Sanjjanaa Galrani says she feels ‘bad’ for Zomato delivery boy


‘Sympathy’ factor to the fore in delivery boy case who is accused of hitting female customer


Hopping aboard the ‘sympathy’ bandwagon, actress Sanjjanaa Galrani shared a video of a teary-eyed Zomato delivery boy who has been accused of punching a female customer in the face. In her accompanying post, Galrani ‘urged’ people not to go by rumours and said, ” I don’t know what is the truth but I feel bad for the guy…he lost his job and he looks very poor and helpless in this pic (sic).”

She continued, “Maybe he did wrong but he did apologise. He is requesting and pleading in this post that he should be forgiven. Section 307 is half murder, 7 years in jail if you hit on the face (sic).”

Another who offered her two cents on the issue was actress Pranitha Subhash. “So, food delivery is time-bound, but justice is not? If the delivery man’s version is found to be true, strict action must be taken against mischaracterization,” she posted.

Divided sympathies!

The social media ‘storm’ (in a teacup?) grew after a Bengaluru-based beauty ‘influencer’ posted a video of the delivery boy purportedly punching her in the face after an argument over delayed food delivery. The girl was seen crying in the video and requesting netizens to ‘support’ her.

The video went viral but not all the sympathy was for the lady. Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra came out in support of the delivery boy and asked Zomato to ‘share’ the real facts of the case.


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