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REALITY check — Prashanth Sambaragi changed 26 dresses in a week!


Big Boss host Kiccha Sudeep does a fun sum, says Sambaragi will run through 364 dresses in 14 weeks!


How many dresses does a typical person change in a day or even in a week? The answer to that would not be anywhere as eye-popping as the fact that a whopping 26 was the number of dresses changed by activist Prashanth Sambaragi during the first week of the Kannada reality show, Big Boss 8 Kannada.

Actor and show host Kiccha Sudeep revealed this ‘glam fact’ during ‘Super Sunday with Sudeepa’, a week-end event telecast on Sunday.

As a prelude to the ‘revelation’, Sudeep asked who was good (among the contestants) in mathematics. Contestant Rajeev raised his hand and he was asked to give the answer to the arithmetic queston ‘26×14’. The answer was of course ‘364’.

Courtesy: Colors Kannada

Prashanth blind-sided!

Sudeep then asked rhetorically why he (Sudeep) had posed the ‘26×14’ question. Answering his own question, he pointed to Prashanth Sambaragi and asked the latter how he (Sambaragi) was not able to catch the drift of the question. And then the cat was out the bag when Sudeep said, “In these (one week) days, Prashanth has changed 26 dresses, and going by the same strike rate he will change 364 dresses in 14 weeks!”

A stunned Prashanth, who had not seen the ‘googly’ coming, said laughingly that he wore only white shirts and blue jeans most of his life, but he had had to buy colourful gear as he was entering Colors Channel’s ‘Big Boss’.

Sudeep wittily replied that he was referring to dresses which Prashanth changed on screen – and that undergarments did not count!


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