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‘Ramesh Jarkiholi may kill me any time’


Woman in ‘sex CD’ writes to CJ seeking HC intervention in case

Letter alleges DySP Kattimani is pressuring her family, and SIT is in collusion with Ramesh Jarkiholi


In a fresh twist to the ‘sex CD’ scandal, the woman who featured in the video has written to the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court alleging that SIT officials are pressuring her family members at the behest of former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, who is an accused in the case.

In a three-page letter written in English, she denied being kidnapped, saying “pressure was mounted on my parents to release a statement to the media that I have been kidnapped”, and added: “DySP Kattimani is putting pressure on our family. Kattimani is working on behalf of Ramesh Jarkiholi. The court must take my appeal seriously. The court should direct the state government to provide justice.”

The letter, reportedly sent via e-mail to the Chief Justice, demanded that the SIT investigation should be monitored by the CJ.

‘I am rape victim’

The letter reads: “I am the rape victim, having filed a complaint against the former minister of the government in Karnataka, Sri Ramesh Jarkiholi, in FIR 30/2021 registered before the Cubbon Park Police Station, Bangalore, Karnataka state for offences punishable under sections 354, 506, 504, 376 (c), 417 of IPC read with section 67 (A) of the IT Act.

“Ramesh Jarkiholi is a highly influential person and has already threatened me in public, going to the extent of denying my charges against him.

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“I have also expressed my apprehension that there is a threat to myself and my parents from Ramesh Jarkiholi, who is a highly influential person. And I have requested the Special Investigation Team for protection for myself and my parents.

picture source: https://tv9kannada.com/

“Despite my apprehension, the SIT has not given any protection to my parents and to myself so far, in collusion with Ramesh Jarkiholi.

“Today also, I have learned from media releases that Ramesh Jarkiholi has already used his influence through the SIT and caused serious threats to my parents and has threatened criminal forcce against my parents to prevent me from appearing before the Hon’ble Magistrate in pursuiing my complaint and preventing me from making any statement against him.

‘He is destroying evidence’

“Ramesh Jarkiholi has criminal antecedents, and has already started destroying evidence regarding the offences in every possible way.

“Ramesh Jarkiholi is openly threatening me and can go to any extent to prevent me from approaching the investigating agency and also in preventing me from making any statement about the commission of offences against him.

‘Govt protecting him’

“Ramesh Jarkiholi may kill me at any point of time and destroy every piece of evidence on the commission of offences by him. The SIT is acting entirely to the tune of Ramesh Jarkiholi and the government of Karnataka is also protecting him, and so far I have not gained confidence in the investigation agency or the Karnataka government.

“SIT, in collusion of Ramesh Jarkiholi and the Karnataka government, may kill me at any place at any point of time and destroy every piece of evidence regarding commission of offences to safeguard Ramesh Jarkiholi.

“I am on my own will and wish fighting for justice against an influential person. It is I who am the sufferer, I have to fight for my dignity and womanhood. Statements made through my parents that I am kidnapped are baseless. My family has been pressurised to make such a statement. My family is captive to Ramesh Jarkiholi. One Kattimani, DySP, is working on behalf of Ramesh Jarkiholi and pressurizing my family.

‘Provide me protection’

“Therefore, I hereby request the Honorable Court to kindly take note of the seriousness and threat I am facing in this matter. Hence, I beg the court to take up the case and direct the state government to provide me protection, and supervise investigation of the matter personally and render me justice.”



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