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Pre-ban, 7,998 intl flyers came in 5 days



While all international flights into India have been suspended from Sunday, March 22, the city and the state’s medical infrastructure still has to contend with the hundreds of arrivals before the ban took effect.

Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar’s tweet gives the number of international passenger arrivals at KIA in the last 5 days as 7,998. This is not counting the scores of domestic flyers deplaning at the Bengaluru airport.

His tweet gives the break-up of flights and international passengers as:

17/3/2020-26 flights-2376
18/3/2020-17 flights-2079
19/3/2020-12 flights-616
20/3/2020-14 flights-1521
21/3/2020-11 flights-1406


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