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Karnataka Innovation Authority Comes Up



In a move to make Karnataka the premier innovation hub of the world, the state government has setup Karnataka Innovation Authority (KIA) which will play key role in the beginning of journey.

With this intention, Deputy Chief Minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan who also holds Information Technology ministry, in a Facebook post maintained: “It is a matter of common knowledge to all of us that Namma Bengaluru is the tech town of the modern world. It is my firm belief that once a successful brand is created, the next objective should be to scale up the limits of success, creating a new zenith led by constant hustle and innovation. Hence the next aim for us all should be to make Karnataka be the tech hub of the world.”


The post continues: “We highlighted our commitment to foster tech entrepreneurship in Karnataka by organising a grand event in the form of the Bangalore Tech Summit last November. In the realm of the technology sector, one of the most important aspects for its growth is fostering innovation. To support the latest methods in the field of innovation, we have set up the


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