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Janata Curfew underway in Bengaluru



As per the prime minister’s proposal, cities across India are now observing the Janata Curfew till 9 pm on Sunday. Janata Curfew is being observed today as positive Coronavirus cases in the country are increasing.

With the Janata Curfew in effect, streets across the Bengaluru city were visibly empty. Parks were deserted.

The objective of this self-imposed curfew is to promote social distancing and a global fight against novel coronavirus.

With the number of positive cases surging across the globe, governments are leaving no stones unturned to facilitate conditions for social distancing with closure of schools, colleges, restaurants, bars and pubs, malls and public places.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed for the self-imposed curfew in his address to the nation on 19th March.


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