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‘India’s virus checks much better’



Virus-related screening measures undertaken by Indian authorities are much better than what is being done by officials in other countries, according to 33-year-old Suresh Jadhav, who returned recently from a business trip to the US.

His laudatory post has gone viral on social media and even Karnataka Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar has taken note of it.

The post on Facebook (posted in Kannada) reads: “Last Friday I started from Philadelphia, USA. I was expecting some good precautionary health checkups would be done at the airport due to the corona outbreak. To my surprise, ‘Whether you have been to China in the past 14 days?’ was the only question I was asked and if the answer was ‘No’ that was the end of the health checkup in America.

“Half-way through the journey I had to catch a connecting flight to Bangalore at Frankfurt, Germany in the next four and a half hours, but all those hours I couldn’t see a single screening for corona or see or hear any awareness measure by either airport authorities or airline partners through the international departure gates.

“After getting onto the Bangalore flight, when the flight was about to land in half an hour or so, all passengers were given self-declaration forms (2 each per passenger) for all local addresses, contact details, any symptoms of corona ( like cold, fever and respiratory problems) and the travel history of the past 14 days.

“Upon arrival, before the port of entry, they measured all passengers’ body temperature and took one self-declaration form, and at the port of entry again they asked health-related questions, explained about the symptoms and asked us to contact nearby govt hospitals or report to the airline partners’ customer support upon symptoms showing up.

“I am really proud that my India is doing a lot better to tackle the coronavirus pandemic than any developed countries across the world. Still, people question government about its commitment towards its people.”

Listen to what Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar is saying about it…


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