Home CITY UPDATES Covid infrastructure collapse? Manipal Hospital says ‘no bed’ to ex-CM!

Covid infrastructure collapse? Manipal Hospital says ‘no bed’ to ex-CM!


Even Health Minister’s attempt on Kumaraswamy’s behalf goes in vain

Covid-hit HDK finally gets admission in another private hospital


The real picture of unavailable Covid beds in Bengaluru was seen when even former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy could not get admitted on Saturday to Manipal Hospital after the hospital claimed unavailability of Covid beds. The incident raises the dreary question of what lies in store for common citizens who contract the virus if even a former head of government is denied admission on the ground of shortage of Covid beds.

Legislative Council member HM Ramesh Gowda revealed this information after his attempt to get a bed for the ex-CM in Manipal Hospital failed. Later, the same information was shared on Kumaraswamy’s official media group on WhatsApp by his media assistant.

Kumaraswamy had gone to campaign for the by-election in the Basavakalyan constituency, and had returned fatigued on Friday evening. He did not go home but stayed at a hotel. On Saturday, he got himself tested and turned out Covid-positive.

Partyman draws a blank

The former CM expressed his willingness to get admitted in Manipal Hospital, but MLC Ramesh Gowda’s attempts on behalf of the ex-CM went in vain.

Gowda said that as soon as the issue was brought to the notice of Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar, the latter tried to get Kumaraswamy a bed in Manipal hospital, but even this was to no avail.

Subsequently, Kumaraswamy contacted another private hospital and got a bed. However, he was not immediately admitted as he is due to appear in a court hearing on Saturday via video conferencing. After the hearing, he will get himself admitted to the hospital.


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