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Bengaluru hit by 40 Covid deaths in just 8 days

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The dreaded coronavirus seems to be running amok in Bengaluru, with the capital city witnessing 40 deaths and a massive 691 positive cases in just the last 8 days.

thebengalurulive has repeatedly brought to the notice of bureaucrats how the government jumped the gun by claiming it had controlled the coronavirus in Bengaluru better than even a country like New Zealand. On the contrary, that country had recently declared itself ‘corona free’ but the same can hardly be said for Bengaluru.

(Read: https://thebengalurulive.com/comparing-bengaluru-to-nz-was-jumping-the-gun/)

In fact, Bengaluru has the highest number of positive and active cases in the state. On Tuesday, the city reported another surge with 107 positive cases, and now has a total of 1,505 positive cases and 996 active cases, while its death count is 73.

A look at the health department bulletins of the past few weeks shows that the capital city has seen a huge surge of cases in the last 8 days. Besides, there were 8 deaths on June 18 and 7 deaths on June 19.

As per Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar, 78.87% of those who died were above 50 years. He has appealed to people to take special care of their elderly relatives.

Sudhakar tweeted: “Elderly are most vulnerable to #COVID19. 16.24% of total positive cases in Karnataka are of people above 50. But people above 50 constitute 78.87% of total Covid deaths. I urge people to take special care of their elderly at home & ensure they stay home & stay safe.”

Dates and deaths

June 22 — 126 positive, 3 deaths

June 21 — 196 positive, 3 deaths

June 20 — 94 positive, 3 deaths

June 19 — 138 positive, 7 deaths

June 18 — 17 positive, 8 deaths

June 17 –55 positive, 5 deaths

June 16 — 47 positive, 5 deaths

June 15 — 35 positive, 1 death


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