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Asymptomatic persons will be permitted home quarantine



According to a circular issued by Additional Chief Secretary of the Health Department Jawaid Akhtar, a person who has completed 7 days of institutional quarantine and is asymptomatic can be permitted home quarantine without a COVID test (RT-PCR), subject to undergoing abmedical check-up (thermal screening <37.5° C or <99.5° F and pulse oximetry >94%). (Main picture: Health.com)

All elderly (above 60 years of age) persons and those with co-morbidities (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, asthma, heart ailments, renal disease, etc.) are required to be clinically evaluated diligently prior to shifting them to home quarantine.

All such persons shall be mandatorily under home quarantine for the next 7 days. Before shifting them to home quarantine, it shall be ensured that hand stamping is done and an entry is made in the ‘Quarantine Watch App’.

The circular has been issued to all Deputy Commissioners and government departments.


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