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Wanted MP Prajwal Revanna: SIT Waits for Him to Return, His Whereabouts Still a Mystery

Prajwal Revanna
Prajwal Revanna

BENGALURU: Prajwal Revanna, the current MP of Hassan, has managed to evade the Special Investigation Team (SIT) even after the deadline for his appearance has passed. He has been accused in an assault and harassment case stemming from the leak of an obscene video.

Following a complaint filed by a former house help against Prajwal Revanna and his father, H D Revanna, at the Holenarsipur police station, Prajwal Revanna quickly left the country. He is believed to have traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, and then to Dubai, UAE. It has been reported that he has booked a business class ticket on a Lufthansa flight from Munich to Bengaluru, with an expected arrival date of May 16.

Despite the SIT’s repeated notices for Prajwal Revanna to appear for questioning, he has informed the police through his lawyers that he is abroad and requires a week’s time. The SIT has issued four notices, including a blue corner notice, and is closely monitoring incoming passengers at all airports in the country.

As of Wednesday, there were no flight tickets booked in Prajwal Revanna’s name for that day, and none of the airports in the country had any information regarding his arrival. The situation remains unresolved as authorities continue to search for his whereabouts.

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