Home CRIME Pak ISI’s Indian mole nabbed in Bengaluru

Pak ISI’s Indian mole nabbed in Bengaluru

Pak ISI’s Indian mole nabbed in Bengaluru

Suspect, a resident of Barmer in Rajasthan, was providing vital military info to his Pakistani intelligence agency handler  


In a joint operation by Southern Command Military Intelligence, Bengaluru and the Central  Crime Branch, Bengaluru, a suspected spy for Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was apprehended on Sunday from Jolly Mohalla in Cottonpet of the city.

Sources in the Bengaluru police said the suspect, Jitender Singh,  is a resident of Barmer, Rajasthan and was working as a garment seller in Bengaluru. He was in communication with a Pakistan-based ISI officer over WhatsApp messages as well as WhatsApp audio and video calls. He had shared photos and details of the Army area and carried out reconnaissance of Army posts near the international border at the behest of his ISI handler.

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Impersonated Army officer 

The accused was also in possession of a Captain’s uniform with which he used to impersonate an Army officer in carrying out his espionage activities. He was allegedly providing photographs of the Barmer military station as well as reporting on movement of military vehicles from that area to his ISI handler.  

A police officer on condition of anonymity said, “On information from Military Intelligence, CCB traced and arrested one accused who had taken photos of vital installations and defence establishments and shared them with foreign agencies. A case has been registered under the Official Secrets Act and the IPC.” 

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