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Hijab row: SC says it will protect fundamental rights of citizens, take up plea at appropriate time

Supreme Court


The Supreme Court on Friday said it will protect the constitutional rights of every citizen and take up at an “appropriate time” the pleas challenging a direction of the Karnataka High Court asking students not to wear any religious cloth in educational institutions.

A bench headed by Chief Justice N V Ramana was told by senior advocate Devdutt Kamat, appearing for the students, that the high court order has led to the ”suspension of fundamental right to practice religion under Article 25 of the Constitution” and the plea be listed for hearing on Monday.

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The top court referred to the ongoing hearing in the case, and said, “We will protect the fundamental right of every citizen and will take it up at an appropriate time.” “We will see,” the CJI said when Kamat insisted on listing of the plea for urgent hearing. A three-judge bench of the Karnataka High court, hearing the ‘hijab’ issue on Thursday, asked students not to insist on wearing any cloth on campuses of educational institutions which can instigate people, till the matter is resolved. PTI

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