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BBMP Budget 2020-21 …


Presented By: L Srinivas, Chairman, Standing Committee for Taxation and Finance

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Worshipful Mayor,

I wholeheartedly welcome all the distinguished members present in Kempegowda council hall and zonal meeting halls for Budget meeting.

As I present the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Budget for the year 2020-21 through video conference due to present unavoidable circumstances, it is my duty to remember and pay respect to the architect of Bengaluru City “Sri Nada Prabhu Kempegowda”.

Our Party has come to power in the final year of the Council term; I sincerely thank our beloved leader

Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri B.S.Yediyurappa and Revenue Minister of Karnataka Shri R. Ashok, for providing me an opportunity to presentthis budget.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Honourable Ministers of the city, Members of Parliament from Bengaluru, Members of Legislative Assembly, all councillors of BBMP and the Citizens of Bengaluru City and the voters of my constituency for their valuable guidance and encouragement in preparing this Budget.

Before I deliberate on the details of this budget, I wish to highlight the growth of Bengaluru city.

Situated at 949 metres above sea level, erstwhile known as Bendakalooru, was envisioned and designed by Sri Nada Prabhu Kempegowda in the year 1537. Thearchitect Kempegowda established pillars in four directions symbolising the city limits, which exist even today. Thereafter, during the reign of Mysore Maharajas, Bengaluru city received a touch of modernisation and has grown exponentially as 5th largest city of the country and world’s continuous and fastest growing city.

Bengaluru has become engine of growth for the economy of Karnataka. The city has witnessed all-round growth beyond our expectations, posing a major challenge to Palike to provide its citizens basic amenities. In this backdrop, I feel it is the duty of both State and Central Government to earmark greater share of financial assistance for comprehensive growth of the city.

Comprehensive development of Bengaluru city can be envisioned when it provides sustainable environment, infrastructure, health and education, safety and security to citizens, affordable housing especially for poor, robust IT connectivity, sports and other facilities. For such all round

development, I humbly request honourable Chief Minister to provide more grants.

In the direction of providing basic infrastructure to citizens of Bengaluru city, priority is given for development of major roads, storm water drains and lakes for which a grant of Rs.8344 Crores is earmarked in the Government budget over a period of 3 years under “Mukhyamantrigala Nava Nagaroththana” scheme. This was made possible by

Honourable Chief Minister Shri B.S. Yediyurappa and Honourable Revenue Minister Shri R. Ashok Government of Karnataka, for which I whole heartedly convey regards on behalf of Palike and citizens of Bengaluru.

For extending support, valuable guidance, suggestion and encouragement in preparing people friendly budget, I convey my gratitude to Shri Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament, Bengaluru South Constituency, Shri S.R. Vishwanath, Political Secretary to Chief Minister,Worshipful Mayor Shri M. Goutham Kumar, Deputy Mayor Shri C.R. Ramamohan Raju, Ruling Party Leader Shri K.A. Muneendra Kumar, Leader of Opposition Party Shri Abdul Wajid, Leader of JD (S) Party Smt. Nethra Narayan, allChairmen of Standing Committees, all members of the

Standing Committee for Taxation and Finance, members of media, members of Voluntary Organisation, Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisations and Citizens of Bengaluru City.

Revised Estimates for the financial year 2019-20

With an opening balance of Rs. 4.03 Crores, receipts were anticipated at Rs.11,648.90 Crores resulting in total estimated receipts of Rs.11,652.93 Crores for the financial Year 2019-20. The receipts for the year 2019-20 are now revised to Rs.7,067.86 Crores. Similarly, the anticipated expenditure of Rs.11,649.37 Crores is now revised to Rs.7,066.21 Crores with a closing balance of Rs.1.65 Crores at the end of the year.

Budget Estimates for the financial year 2020-21

With an opening balance of Rs.1.65 Crores, receipts are expected to be Rs.10,897.58 Crores. The total revenue is estimated at Rs.10,899.23 Crores and the total expenditure is estimated at Rs.10,895.84 Crores resulting in closing balance of Rs. 3.39 Crores at the end of the year.

Vision of Budget 2020-21

  • Smart Education- Light of the future
  • Pure Drinking Water-Better Health
  • Environment Conservation- Better Hygiene
  • Basic Infrastructure- Comprehensive development

2020-21 Budget-A brief description of

Programmes and proposed works

  1. Administration:
  • E-Office software which is introduced in head office for faster disposal of files shall be extended to all the zonal offices of the BBMP.
  • 938 vacant posts in various cadres in BBMP shall be recruited through Karnataka Public Service Commission.
  • Government has approved Cadre and Recruitment Rules for BBMP, action shall be taken to reorganise officers and staff posts as per new cadre and recruitment rules.
  • Introduction of Health insurance scheme to protect the health of families of permanent and retired officers / staff of BBMP.
  • To ensure better services to citizens, measures will be taken to upgrade existing softwares and

modernise basic infrastructure at IPP Centre at the cost of Rs. 9 Crores.

  • Finance Department:
  • For effective financial management and maintenance of accounts existing softwares will be upgraded.
  • “Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Budgeting and Accounting Rules-2020” will be framed and after approval from Government shall be implemented in this financial year.
  • To repay loan availed from various banks and financial institution along with interest, an amount of Rs. 378.70 Crores has been earmarked.
  • Revenue Department:

Steps to improve resources mobilization:

  • To improve own revenue resources extensive measures shall be initiated to bring unmapped properties into tax net.
  • Conversion of ‘B’ Register property into ‘A’ Khata shall increase the revenue for palike. A proposal has already been submitted to the Government and approval is awaited.
  • Issue of Khata Extract and Khata Certificate for properties located in new zones shall be computerised.
  • Payment of Property tax shall be simplified.
  • Data centre of property tax shall be upgraded.
  • As per Total Station Survey report, amount of Rs.325 Crores of property tax has to be collected.Strict action shall be initiated to recover the same.
  • Khata Extract and Khata Certificate fees shall be doubled.
  • Financial Incentive: The revenue team whichachieves 95% tax collection in their jurisdictional area for the financial year 2019-20 shall be rewarded with cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh for each zone. Hence, Rs. 8 Lakhs is earmarked.
  • Tax arrears collection: Extensive drive shall beconducted to collect arrears from all the defaulters.
  • It is intended to incorporate property tax default for more than 3 years in Encumberance Certificate issued by Sub Registrar offices.
  • For the financial year 2020-21, we will strive to collect Rs.3500 Crores of Property Tax.
  • Advertisement Tax: New Advertisement policy andbyelaws has been framed. Advertisement charges

and tax of approximately Rs.40 Crores is anticipated this financial year.

  • Betterment Charges: In new zones, for DCconverted properties stringent steps will be taken to collect pending betterment charges of approximately Rs.300 crores.
  • Central, State Government institutions and educational institutions exempted from property tax and who have not paid service charges in lieu of property tax have been identified; tough measures will be taken to collect the same.
  • Surcharge on stamp duty for this fiscal year is expected at Rs. 100 Crores.
  • Issue of Trade License shall be simplified.
  • All hotels in the Bengaluru city shall be given ratings.
  • As part of Central Government policy of “Ease of doing business”, simplified plan sanction process for all types of buildings which will be transparent and hindrance free single window approval system shall be implemented. Town Planning Department is expected to collect Rs.613.52 Crores.

4. Government Grants:

For the financial year 2020-21, Rs.4338.99 Crores are allocated by State and Central Governments under various heads of account. The details are given below:

 Central & State Government GrantsAmount 
 (Rs. in Cr) 
115th Finance Commission Grants558.00 
2State  Finance  Commission  Grants-409.68 
3State  Finance  Commission  Grants-115.19 
4State  Finance  Commission  Grants-256.12 
5Special Infrastructure Project Works3000.00 
 Total Government Grants4338.99 

As stated above, State and Central Government Grants of Rs. 4338.99 Crores is anticipated.

The brief details of people friendly programmes and works which will be taken up during the financial year 2020-21 are as under:

  1. Welfare programmes:

Programmes and works under 24.10% Grants:

  • Rs.5 Crores is reserved towards financial assistancefor education of Pourakarmikas, Gardeners and Gangman children.
  • Rs.15 Crores has been set aside for providing mid-day meals to pourakarmikas.
  • Rs.10 Crores has been set aside for the welfare ofpermanent, contract basis pourakarmikas and group D employees.
  • Rs.1 Crore has been set aside for providing healthscheme to pourakarmikas and their family members.
  • Rs.36 Crores has been set aside for financialassistance to pourakarmikas for building their own house.
  • In the interest of protecting the health of pourakarmikas Rs.5.00 Crores is reserved to provide health kits.
  • Rs.49.50 crores has been earmarked as financialassistance to SC/ST beneficiaries for construction of house. 5 individual houses per ward.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for financial assistance underindividual programmes to SC/ST beneficiaries.
  • Rs.5 Crores is reserved for health programmes ofSC/ST beneficiaries.
  • Rs.25 Crores is set aside for education programmesfor SC/ST beneficiaries.
  • Rs.5 Crores is set aside for skill developmentprogrammes for SC/ST beneficiaries.
  • Rs.1 Crore is earmarked as financial assistance for

SC/ST employees working in BBMP’s burial ground to build their own house.

  • To improve the basic infrastructural facilities such as road, drainage and other civil works in SC/ST areas Rs.75 Crores is set aside.
  • To frame individual and community development programmes for the welfare of SC/ST community Rs.5 Crores is set aside.

Under 24.10% Grants for the welfare of SC/ST Rs.361.34 Crores is earmarked.

Backward and Minorities welfare programmes:

  • Rs.44.50 crores has been set aside for backwardand minority community beneficiaries to assist them financially to build their individual houses.
  • Rs.2 Crores is set aside for health programmes forbackward and minority community beneficiaries.
  • Rs.5 Crores is set aside for education programmesfor backward and minority community beneficiaries.
  • To improve the basic infrastructural facilities like road, drainage and other civil works in backward and minority areas Rs.15 Crores is set aside.

Under 7.5% Grants for welfare of backward and minority community Rs.108.42 Crores is earmarked.

Specially-abled person’s Welfare Programmes:

  • Rs.30 Crores has been set aside to specially-abledpersons to assist them financially to build individual houses.
  • Rs.5 Crores is set aside for health programmes ofspecially-abled persons.
  • Rs.4.8 Crores is set aside for educationprogrammes of specially-abled persons.
  • Rs.5 Crores is earmarked for self employmentprogrammes of specially-abled person.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for financial assistance ofspecially-abled person.
  • Rs.10 Crores is set aside for providing 10 tricyclesper ward to specially-abled person.
  • Rs.1.50 Crores is set aside for financial assistance ofspecially-abled persons participating in National and International Sports.
  • Rs.10 Crores is set aside for construction of toiletsand ramps in public places.
  • Rs.5 Crores is set aside as financial assistance toaided education institutions and other institutions working for specially-abled persons.

Women Welfare Programmes:

  • Rs.9.90 Crores has been reserved for womenwelfare programmes in all wards of palike. Rs.5 lakhs per ward is reserved.

General Category Welfare programmes:

  • Under “Free Cauvery Water”programme, domestic connection users of BWSSB whose monthly water consumption upto maximum of 10,000 litres shall be given free cauvery water. Budgetary provision of Rs. 43 Crores is made for payment to BWSSB. Domesticconnection users having monthly water consumption of more than 10000 litres shall pay

their bills as usual. Around 2.50 lakhs families shall be benefitted from this scheme.

  • Rs. 15 Crores has been set aside to provide financialassistance to economically weaker sections of general category to build individual houses.
  • Rs.1.50 Crore has been set aside for empowermentof economically weaker sections to make them self-reliant.
  • Rs.1.50 Crores has been set aside for welfare ofstreet hawkers.
  • Rs.5.00 Crores has been set aside for welfare ofsenior citizens.
  • A new scheme in the name of “ANANTHKUMAR” will be launched to provide free laptop to poor students. 15 laptops per ward will be given; Rs.15 Crores is reserved for this scheme.
  • Rs.5 Crores has been earmarked to build andmaintain night shelters.
  • Rs.1 Crore is earmarked for skill development oftransgenders to make them self reliant.
  • Rs.4 Crores is reserved to provide 50 tailoringmachines per ward.

A total of Rs.604.12 Crores is earmarked for works and programmes under welfare department.

  • Education:
  • Kaliyona Baa” programme aims at showcasing the facilities available in BBMP schools to attract dropout children.
  • Smart Education” scheme intends to provide smart education through audio visual means for enhancing learning abilities, knowledge, values and skills in selected schools. Rs.7 crores is earmarked.
  • “Gnayana deepa” programme aims to provide cashprize of Rs. 25000 for top 150 SSLC Students and Rs.35000 for top 100 2nd PUC Students studying inBBMP high schools and pre-university colleges. Rs.75.00 Lakhs is earmarked.
  • Rs.10 Crores is earmarked for construction of newschools in the name of “Nada prabhu Kempegowda” in Bommanahalli, Mahadevapura,Yelahanka and Dasarahalli zones.
  • The present midday meal programme for High School and PU students will be extended to degree and post graduation students studying in palike colleges. Rs.2.85 Crores is earmarked.
  • To improve results in BBMP schools and colleges, special classes will be conducted wherein snacks will be provided.
  • To improve infrastructure facilities in BBMP schools and colleges Rs.21 Crores is earmarked.
  • Rs.75 Lakhs earmarked for providing free BMTC bus pass to students studying in schools and colleges ofBBMP.
  • CC TV Cameras will be installed in BBMP schools and colleges for student’s safety. Rs.5 Crores is reserved.
  • Rs.1 Crore will be kept in fixed deposits and theinterest earned from it will be utilised to provide financial assistance to students who are in need of medical treatment.
  • Rs.2 Crores is reserved for installation of RO plantsto provide pure drinking water in schools and colleges of BBMP.
  • Rs.2.00 Crores is set aside to provide Rain waterharvesting in schools and colleges of BBMP.
  • To bring about uniformity among teachers of BBMP schools and colleges; a common uniform will be introduced. Rs.30 Lakhs is set aside for this purpose.
  • To celebrate cultural festival in schools and colleges and to enhance the competive spirits of students, various competitions will be organised among BBMP schools and colleges. Hence Rs.50.00 Lakhs is earmarked.

A total of Rs.130.60 Crores is earmarked for education department of BBMP.

  • To contain COVID pandemic and to take up relief measures for the same in Bengaluru City, Rs.25 lakhs of ward Grants amounng to Rs.49.50 Crores will be given to Hon’ble Chief Minister’s discreonary fund for COVID management.

Rs. 50 Lakhs is reserved to provide cale feed to


Birth and Death cerficates shall be issued free of costand sent through post directly to their homes. This scheme shall be introduced from this financial year.

In Bommanahalli Assembly Cons tuency, Children

mulµspeciality hospital with 25 bed ICU facility nearAppollo Hospital in the name of “Pandit Deendayal Upadhaya” will be constructed. Rs.20 Crores isreserved for this purpose.

Expert Nephrologist shall be appointed to supervise Free dialysis facili]es given at BBMP hospitals.

New dialysis centres will be setup in assembly constuencies having no dailysis units. Rs.16 Crores is set aside for seng up and maintenance of these centres.

  • Free stents- The programme to provide free stentsand angioplasty medical treatment for poor cardiac patients shall be continued, Rs.4 Crores grants is set aside.
  • To improve the general wellbeing of the citizens, air purifiers will be setup in zones having high population and vehicular density. Rs.1 Crore is set aside.
  • Monthly Honorarium of link workers in BBMP Health department shall be increased by Rs.1000 (Rupees

One Thousand Only).

  • New Primary Health Centre shall be constructed in Bommanahalli zone Rs. 5.00 Crores is earmarked for this purpose.

A total of Rs.131.78 Crores is earmarked for Health department of BBMP.

  • Animal Husbandry:
  • New Kennels will be constructed with ICU facilities in all new zones of BBMP to provide sterilization and to protect health of dogs. Rs. 5 Crores is earmarked.
  • In association with organisation working for animals, measures will be taken to attend animals affected by accidents and diseases.
  • Culture and Sports:
  • Public awareness and cultural programmes shall be conducted in selected parks of every zone during the weekend.
  • As part of “Hosa Belaku” programme, financial assistance shall be given to pro Kannada activist and retired Kannada artist aged above 75 years, on the eve of Independence Day to eligible 100 persons at Rs.1.00 Lakh per person. Rs.1.00 Crore is earmarked.
  • Kempegowda Day is celebrated as Bengaluru Habba; to encourage grand scale celebration on the same day Sri Annammadevi festival, Karaga, Kempegowda birthday and other city festivals will be culminated making Bengaluru city a Cultural hub.
  • Rs.5.25 Crores is set aside to celebrate NadaprabhuKempegowda day at head office and ward level.
  • For celebratation of Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s day and Pourakarmikara’s day Rs.6.00 Crores is set aside.
  • To encourage rural games under “Angala” programme, Rs.1.00 Lakh per ward will be given. Rs.1.98 Crores is set aside.
  • Under “Dhruvatare” Programme, financial assistance will be given to sports persons who have performed exceptionally well at State and National level. Rs.50 Lakhs is reserved.
  • Public Relation Department:
  • To strengthen Public Relation department in BBMP, Rs.50.00 Lakhs is provided to bring skilled humanresource for timely comprehension of information about various BBMP programmes.
  • Rs.1.00 Crore is reserved under Mayor Grant asfinancial assistance for medical treatment of Print and electronic media persons reporting BBMP’s activities.
  • Rs.15.00 Lakhs is reserved for Accident insurance to print and electronic media persons reporting BBMP’s activities.
  • One shop will be identified in each ward to encourage and sustain Kannada small and medium daily, weekly, fortnightly newspapers published in BBMP limits. Rs.1.00 Crore is set aside.
  • Group Insurance Scheme will be provided for persons distributing newspaper and milk in BBMP limits. Rs.70.00 Lakhs is reserved.
  • Market:

For the maintenance and renovation of BBMP market buildings Rs.15 Crores is provided in the budget.

  • Solid Waste Management:

Budgetary provision is made for infrastructure development of villages surrounding the solid waste management units, they are as follows;

  • Development of areas surrounding KCDC Rs.15 Crores.
  • Development of areas surrounding Mandur Rs.15 Crores.
  • Development of Bellahalli surrounding areas Rs.15 Crores.
  • Development  of  Mavallipura  surrounding  areas-

Rs.10 Crores.

  • Development of Doddabidarakallu surrounding areas Rs.10 Crores.
  • Development of Subrayanapalya, Lingadeeranahalli, Kannahalli and Seegehalli surrounding areas Rs.10 Crores.
  • Rs.757.30 Crores is reserved for management ofentire city cleanliness.
  • Rs.15 Crores is set aside for maintainenance of SolidWaste Management units.
  • Estate Management:
  • BBMP properties which were leased for 35 and 99 years and whose lease period is completed such properties will be taken back and the lease rental value will be revised.
  • For properties of BBMP which will be given on lease, lease agreement shall be registered in Sub Registrar office, the cost of registration shall be borne by the lessee and this process shall be started from this financial year.
  • Similarly, properties of BBMP which are already given on lease, lease agreement shall be registered in Sub Registrar office for the remaining period. The cost of registration shall be borne by the lessee and properties shall be taken back, if the lessee does not register the leased properties.
  • Single property of BBMP consisting of multiple shops shall be identified by providing sub numbers along with PID numbers and shall be leased after registration
  • Rs.40 Crores is set aside for land acquisition whoseland is acquired for civic amenities.
  • Proposal shall be sent to the Government to hand over Government vacant properties situated in BBMP limits for development of Parks, Schools, Play ground and construction of Public Hospitals.
  • To safeguard BBMP properties such as parks and playgrounds from encroachments, barbed wire fencing shall be done for which an amount of Rs.15 Crores is earmarked.
  • Rs.5 Crores is earmarked for fencing of BBMP’svacant land thereby preventing encroachment.

10. Horticulture:

  • Rs.1.50 Crores is reserved to provide continouswater supply for the maintainence of medians developed by BBMP in all zones, one water tanker per zone shall be purchased.
  • Rs.2.00 Crores is reserved for establishment of newnurseries in BBMP to grow and sell ornamental plants.
  • Rs 54 Crores is reserved for the maintenance ofparks, medians, flyovers and junctions.
  • Rs.10 Crores is reserved for development of parks innew zones.
  • Rs.10 Crores budget provision is made for drilling ofnew borewells in parks.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for beautification ofprominent circles in BBMP limits.
  • Rs.1 Crore budget provision is made formaintenance of burial grounds and crematorium by horticulture department.
  • Rs.2 Crores is earmarked to provide rain waterharvesting system in parks.
  1. Urban Forestry & Environmental Management:
  • Rs.5 Crores is earmarked for growing saplings indifferent nurseries which will be distributed to public.
  • Rs.9 Crores is reserved for tree canopymanagement.
  • Rs.3 Crores budget provision is made formaintenance and beautification of crematorium at Chamarajpet, Harishchandra ghat, Kallahalli, Audigudi and Mysore road.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved to shift healthy trees to othersuitable locations during road works.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for afforestation in selectedparks of Palike.
  • Measures will be taken for afforestation of lake buffer zones.
  • A total of Rs.73.78 Crores is reserved for Urban Forestry and Environmental Management department of BBMP.
  1. Lakes:
  • Rs. 25 Crores is reserved for maintenance of lakesdeveloped by BBMP.
  • Rs.8 Crores is reserved for development of Arakereand Hulimavu Lakes in Bommanahalli Zone.
  • Rs.10 Crores is set aside for fencing of lakes toprevent encroachment.
  • A total of Rs.310.33 Crores is reserved for Lakes department of BBMP.
  1. Zonal Public Works:
  • Rs. 415.50 Crores is reserved for pothole filling andother maintenance works, Rs.2.75 Crores per ward in new zone and Rs.1.75 Crores per ward in old zone as per programme of works.
  • Rs. 50 Crores is reserved for water supply works, Rs. 35 lakhs per ward in new zone and Rs.20 lakhs perward in old zone.
  • Rs.10  Crores  is  reserved  for  construction  of

“Welcome arch” in the name of NADAPRABHU

KEMPEGOWDA” and landscape development at 8entrances of BBMP namely Tumkur Road, Mysore Road, Hosur Road, Kolar Road, Kanakapura Road, Devanahalli Road, Doddaballapura Road and Magadi Road.

  • Rs.5 Crores is reserved to create public awarenesson BBMP’s programmes; a digital display board shall be installed in front of all zonal and divisional offices, schools, colleges and hospitals.
  • To provide accomodation to BBMP Drivers. 100 Staff Quarters with a project cost of Rs.10 Crores isearmarked. For the current year budget provision of Rs.5 Crores is made.
  • To provide good quality food to public, officers and staff, Rs.2 Crores is reserved for construction of canteen at head office.
  • Rs.10 crores is reserved for construction of newburial grounds/ crematoriums in BBMP limits.
  • Rs.3 Crores is reserved to provide washing machineand other improvement works at Dhobi Ghats in BBMP limits.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for renovation of ‘A’ blockstaff quarters at Sampangiramnagar.
  • Rs.2 Crores is reserved for renovation of meetinghall at Mahadevpura, Rajarajeshwari nagar, Dasarahalli and East zonal office, Rs 50 Lakhs per zone.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for maintenance of tailoringcentres.
  • Rs.1 Crore is reserved for maintenance ofcommunity halls.
  • Rs.65 Crores is reserved for annual maintenance ofstreet lights.
  • Rs.10 Crores is reserved for providing new streetlight fittings at new zones and 110 villages of BBMP limits.
  • Rs.10 Crores are reserved for installation of CCTVcameras in selected locations of new zones and 110 villages of BBMP limits.
  1. Storm Water Drains:
  • Rs.25 Crores is reserved for annual desilting andmaintenance work of storm water drains to prevent flooding during rainy season.
  • In view of public safety, Rs.10 Crores is reserved for fencing of storm water drains at dangerous places.
  • Rs.5 Crores is reserved for emergency works ofstorm water drain.

15. Project & Road Infrastructure:

  • Rs.105 Crores is reserved for the annualmaintenance of arterial and sub-arterial roads in BBMP limits.
  • Rs.40 Crores is reserved for the annual repair andmaintenance of flyovers and underpasses.
  • Rs.10 Crores is reserved for the inspection offlyovers and strenghthen flyovers wherever necessary in BBMP limits.
  • Rs.15 Crores is reserved for the beautification andimprovement of circles and junctions in BBMP limits.
  1. 15TH Finance Commission Grant Works: Government has allocated Rs.558.00 Crores under 15th Finance Commission Grants for the financial year 2020-21. It shall be re-allocated as per 15th Finance Commision guidelines.
  1. Private & Public Participation Works:

“Basement Multi level Car Parking” in the name of “Sir M Vishveshvaraya” shall be constructed inselected areas of BBMP.

18. Corporate Social Responsibility Works:

Many development works shall be taken up under this scheme.

  1. Brief details of following projects announced by State Government in 2020-21 Budget:
  • Separate Municipal Corporation Act specific to Bengaluru city shall be formulated.
  • For overall development of Bengaluru city, in the year 2019-20, action plan has been approved for works at a total cost of Rs.8344 Crores under

“Mukhyamantrigala Nava Nagaroththana” scheme.

Action will be taken to implement the scheme in the year 2020-21.

  • To make Bengaluru City a model city in the country in solid waste management an action plan with a grant of Rs.999 Crores for Solid Waste

Management of Bengaluru City under “Shubhra Bengaluru” scheme will be implemented in the current year.

  • For comprehensive development of Bengaluru city lakes, an action plan of Rs.100 Crores for lakes development has been approved under “Shubhra Bengaluru”.
  • A grant of Rs.200 Crores in the year 2020-21 for development of storm water drain network in Bengaluru city.
  • Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is constructing water supply pipeline and drainage system in 110 villages of BBMP. This has resulted in deterioration of roads. Rs.1,000 Crores will be provided in the next two years for restoration of these roads. Rs.500 Crores will be provided for this purpose in the year 2020-21.
  • Four electrical crematoriums will be established in different parts of the city keeping in view the growth of Bengaluru city.
  • Action will be taken to increase the transport capacity in Hebbala, Silk Board and K.R.Puram junctions in Bengaluru which are afflicted by critical traffic congestion.
  • In order to mitigate vehicle parking problems in prominent commercial areas of Bengaluru and also to prevent parking of vehicles on the road,

‘Underground Vehicle parking’ project will beinitially taken up in one congested area with private-partnership.

20. Conclusion:

  • More funds are provided from BBMP’s own sources for mandatory and essential services like health, education, welfare, solid waste management and maintenance works as per KMC Act, 1976.
  • Major project and ward level development works are taken up under Government grants. Priority is given for the completion of spill over works and payment of pending bills. I have ensured that, this budget is prepared keeping in view the present financial position of BBMP.
  • I whole heartedly thank Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri B.S.Yediyurappa, Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka

Dr.C.N. Aswathnarayana and Honourable Revenue Minister of Karnataka Shri R. Ashok, Worshipful

Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Ruling party leader,Opposition party leader, JD(S) party leader, all Standing Committee Chairmen, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members of Bengaluru city, all members of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council of Bangalore city, all councillors of BBMP, nominated councillors of BBMP and members of Taxation and Finance standing committee for providing me suggestions and guidance in presenting this budget.

  • For the guidance and necessary support, I extend my sincere thanks to BBMP Commissioner Shri B.H. Anil Kumar, Special Commissioner(Finance) Dr. M. Lokesh and Chief Accounts Officer Dr. R Govindaraju and all officers and staff offinance and accounts department, personal section staff of my committee.
  • I present the annual Budget Estimates of BBMP for the financial year 2020-21 and Revised Budget Estimates for the financial year 2019-20 before this Council for approval and acceptance.


Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike


SlDetailsRs. In Cr.%age
1Tax Revenue3538.2133
2Non Tax Revenue2316.0821
3Government Grants4339.0140
4Recoveries and Refund705.936

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike


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