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Axe hangs over X’mas, New Year celebrations in Bengaluru

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Health Minister says ‘Ugadi is our New Year’, hints that year-end fete will be banned


Official strictures to tackle a possible second Covid-19 wave in Karnataka during January or February 2021 could nix Christmas and New Year celebrations in Bengaluru. In fact, Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr K Sudhakar has hinted at accepting the recommendation of the Technical Advisory Committee to ban New Year celebrations around popular stretches like MG Road and Brigade Road. The TAC report of November 30 had also recommended an 8 pm-5 am night curfew from December 26 to January 1.

At the same time, the Minister has couched the issue in ‘native’ versus ‘foreign’ terms. According to Sudhakar, it is Ugadi, not Christmas/New Year, which marks the new year in the Indian calendar.


According to a media statement released by the Minister’s office, he has reportedly said, “This is not a New Year in the Indian calendar. Ugadi is our New Year. Above all, is it necessary to celebrate the New Year during the Covid affliction? We have lost hundreds of people. The economic situation is very bad. Hundreds of people have lost their jobs, and the situation has not improved.”

However, the statement said a final call on the preventive measures needed will be taken during a Health Department meeting with the TAC experts on Friday, following which the issue will be further discussed with the Chief Minister and other cabinet colleagues.

According to the Minister, restrictions on personal mobility will not be enough to tackle the problem. Some restrictions are needed, and these will be discussed with the Chief Minister. The Minister felt there is no need to enforce a curfew, but added that the matter would be decided after consultation with the experts.

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